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Brian Forrester
Loan Originator NMLS #311180 | FLMB100002519
Direct: (813) 361-6350
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Program Rules, Regulation

Program Rules, Regulations & Procedures

Money Back Guarantee:
If you are not 100% satisfied with the rate, terms or service you received from us we will refund all "up front" money paid to us for process or closing the loan. Such request must be made prior to the funding of your loan. Once the loan is funded the guarantee no longer applies.

In the case of a refinance where you have closed but the loan is not yet funded, we will refund all the money at any time during the 3 day rescission prior to funding.

Note this guarantee does not include any vendor services that were not paid to VanDyk Mortgage, such as appraisal fee, inspection fees, survey fees etc...

"Free Refinance" Policy rules: - Customer Loyalty program!
Returning customers who currently hold a mortgage loan that was originated by an VanDyk Loan Advisor (regardless who is servicing the loan) may obtain a "Free" refinance.

Free refinance means that new loan will be priced according to VanDyk current pricing with no points or no closing costs and including such costs in the interest rate that is charged.

The loan amount must be equal to or lower that the original loan, however we may offer such terms to an increased loan amount at our option.

If VanDyk Mortgage has sold the servicing on the loan this offer still applies.

This offer is subject to the applicant qualifying per VanDyk current underwriting guidelines for credit & the property appraisal (value) at the time of the new application.

Skip a payment Policy/Rules:
There is no payment due on 1st of the month following your funding date.

It is VanDyk Mortgage policy that when you close a loan with us you may "skip" a mortgage payment. All first mortgage payments we offer are due on the 1st day of the month. Thus when you close your loan you will be charge a daily "interest adjustment" from the day of funding through the end of the current month. This amount (the prepaid interest) is charged to you by adding it to your current mortgage balance or you will pay it in cash up front as part of your escrow amount. This does not waive or reduce any interest charges to you, however, if it's added to your loan balance you then pay it over the term of your loan. Therefore there is no monthly payment due on the first of the month following your funding date.

This "Skip a Payment" Policy applies only to new first mortgage loans, it does not apply to Home equity, second mortgage loans or loans not funding by VanDyk Mortgage.

Note: Interest Credit - in some unique cases when we close during the first 5 days of the month we may show an "interest credit" back to you instead of the "interest adjustment" charged to you. If this "interest credit" occurs your first mortgage payment would be due on the first day of the month following your funding date and there would be no "Skip Payment" feature offered to you.

Free Credit Reports:
As a valued customer of VanDyk you can obtain two (2) free reports each year!

As long as the applicant has mortgage loan that we originated (regardless who is servicing the loan) we will pay for one (1) credit single merge credit report annually upon the request of the applicant. VanDyk Mortgage shall order such report at the depository that it typically utilizes as a credit reporting agency.

This is in additional to the Free annual credit report that is allowed to each individual by law through the credit repositories.

Coupon/Discount Offering:
Disclaimer: The Coupon program is offered through one of our vendors - Genworth Mortgage Insurance (formerly GE mortgage insurance). There is no requirement to use their product to obtain the coupons. VanDyk Mortgage, or the VanDyk Family of Companies, believes that this offer is stable and very beneficial to the customers. We have no financial interest in any party related to offering the Coupons and take no responsibility or liability for the performance, administration, or payment of same. By accepting such offering you waive any legal claims individually or by a class against VanDyk Mortgage or its affiliates.

See "Homebuyers Privileges" pull down tab.

Up Front Lending Policy
We pledge to give you our fees, costs and interest rates up front to allow you to compare to obtain your best deal. We will not "bait & switch" you like many lenders who do not disclose all the costs and fees to you. Our prices are posted on this website 24/7 because we have the best rates available in the market place.

Note: the prices that we have post are based on the assumption that the applicant will qualify for a FannieMae type product through its DU (delegated underwriter system) as a non-level "accept" approval. Some applicants due to their credit scores, payment histories, down payment or documentation may not qualify for the posted rates. In this scenario we will offer you the absolute best rate available for your specific circumstances. Either way we will guarantee you the best rate available in the marketplace for your individual situation.
Brian Forrester, Loan Originator NMLS #311180 | FLMB100002519
VanDyk Mortgage Corporation NMLS# 3035
35095 US Hwy 19 N, Suite 100, Palm Harbor, FL  34684
Direct:  (813) 361-6350
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